Unlock the great outdoors: A beginner’s guide to trail running

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Explore the fun of trail running with the Monross Trailblazers and discover stunning local routes with the help of OS Maps.

OS Maps - Trail Running Routes

This guide will help you explore the numerous advantages of venturing off the traditional tarmac, highlighting why Monross Trailblazers love trail running.

What is trail running?

Trail running typically means running over softer, more varied terrains such as dirt tracks, grass, or mud, as opposed to the hard surfaces found in urban settings. This form of running encourages immersion in natural surroundings, requiring navigation of woodlands, hills, and various natural impediments. It differs from fell running, which involves more severe, rocky terrains, offering a spectrum of challenge levels to suit all abilities.

Why choose trail running?

Our members value trail running for its physical and mental benefits. Running on softer terrain lessens joint impact, while the changing landscapes provide a comprehensive workout that strengthens various muscle groups. The clean air and tranquil environments also contribute significantly to mental health. Many have found it to be an excellent respite from daily urban life.

Finding your trail

Thanks to our collaboration with OS Maps, discovering new trails for running is straightforward. OS Maps can help you identify or create routes that blend scenic beauty with physical challenge. Whether it’s a serene path through local woodlands or a picturesque route in nearby parks, there is a trail suitable for every runner.

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Gear up for the trail

Selecting appropriate gear can significantly enhance your trail running experience. Choose footwear with adequate grip and minimal cushioning to navigate uneven surfaces effectively. Opt for robust, easily washable clothing and consider protective gear such as waterproof jackets for adverse weather conditions. For extended runs, it’s advisable to carry hydration packs to maintain energy levels.

Find the right map for your next adventure

Explore the wide range of maps at OS Maps and begin hitting new trails.

Join our trail running community

Interested in trail running. Come and join our training sessions and explore the beautiful scenery around Ross on Wye and Monmouth and local areas.

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