Blaze the Biblins

Blaze the Biblins – Wye Valley Trail Race

October 10K Challenge Hosted by Monross Trailblazers

This October, the Monross Trailblazers invite you to Blaze the Biblins (BTB), a standout 10K trail race set in the captivating Wye Valley. BTB isn’t just another race on the calendar; it’s a testament to the spirit of trail running, offering a blend of technical challenges and the breathtaking beauty of autumn.

Why Run BTB?

  • Stunning Autumn Trails: The Wye Valley, in its full autumnal glory, offers a picturesque setting that’s both beautiful and challenging.
  • Technical Terrain: Designed for those who seek a challenge, the race features a variety of terrains to test your skills and push your limits.
  • Community Feel: Hosted by the Monross Trailblazers, BTB is more than a race; it’s a community event where every runner matters, and the shared goal is to enjoy the journey.
  • For Every Runner: Whether you aim to set a personal best or simply finish, BTB is about embracing the fun and satisfaction of trail running.

Race Day Experience

BTB offers a unique race day atmosphere, where the changing leaves are matched by the diverse mix of runners tackling the trails. With the Monross Trailblazers at the helm, participants are guaranteed a well-organized event that emphasizes both competition and camaraderie.

Join Us This October

Blaze the Biblins is your opportunity to experience trail running at its finest, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wye Valley and supported by a community of fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned trail veteran or looking to dive into your first trail race, BTB welcomes you.

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