Racing for a reason: Rebecca Wilson’s journey to the London Marathon

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Join Rebecca as she laces up for a cause close to her heart

Rebecca Wilson fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research

This year we have 3 runners in the London Marathon. We catch up with Rebecca Wilson to find out more about her inspiring story.

Q.1 Tell us a brief history of your running journey to become a MonRoss Trailblazer.

I started running after I had my second child to try to get some time to myself and clear my head. I did the same routes, at the same pace and although I did some races, I never really pushed myself. MonRoss Trailblazers are an amazing bunch of runners, and although I am always at the back, everyone’s really friendly and my running has definitely improved.

Q.2 Why the London Marathon?

My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2021 and having been unsuccessful winning a ballot place, I applied for a charity place with Alzheimer’s Research. Mum is now is in the advanced stages of the illness and it’s so sad to watch my mum decline so that now she no longer knows my name.

Knowing I’m making a tiny bit of a difference by raising funds has definitely made the training easier.

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Q.3 How’s the training been going?

I knew if I just downloaded a training plan I would find every excuse to not do it, so I got in touch with Alice Taylor who has been brilliant, providing me with tailored running plans and helpful feedback that I have had no choice but to stick to.

Q.4 what do you listen to whilst running?

A real mix, sometimes just the birds, sometimes podcasts, tunes if I’m feeling particularly unmotivated. Just depends on my mood really.

Q.4 Apart from the famous Monross green vest what will you be wearing on the day?

Feet wise I’ve loved my New Balance Fresh Foam 1080s. A friend has recommended Ronhill marathon shorts, ample pockets for stashing snacks!

Q.5 Best tip for anyone who’s never run a marathon before but contemplating applying?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to advise others having not run a marathon yet! But even when you would rather lie in front of a bus than go for a run, just put your trainers on and get out of the door, the earlier in the day the better. I have never felt worse after going for a run (though that may all change after London….)

We have no doubt Rebecca will make her mum and family proud on the day. If you would like to support Rebecca in fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research to find a cure for this awful and often overlooked illness please visit:

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