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Kickstarting the new athletics season

Matt Webb MonRoss Trailblazers

It’s been a fantastic start to the year for the club, with some great training sessions, parkrun meet-ups, social runs, first aid training and races. We’re now at the beginning of the new Welsh Athletics season and are renewing existing club memberships as well as welcoming new members to the club. If you are still undecided about joining a running club, then meet Matt Webb, who we welcomed to the club in July last year.

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‘I joined in July 2023 after getting into running as part of a project for University, then started running with the MRTB in September. At my second race (Ross 10k), I bumped into Gavin and Grant who were very welcoming and full of banter, they chatted to me about the MRTB and I promptly signed up as it was clear they had a passion for running and a lot of knowledge. I attended Wednesday training sessions where I met more MRTBs who had more good banter and it had a great buzzing atmosphere, which was mixed individual and partner work. I felt this had a great impact on my running and general health. MRTB always come together to support each other where they can. It has inspired me to make running a hobby. It is also clear that it has inspired my daughter to take up running, a few words from Poppy; – I really enjoy running fast and cheering for others – I love running with Daddy at Junior Parkrun – My favourite is watching Daddy get muddy and wet from puddles! A big thank you to everyone at MRTB for being so friendly, inclusive and fun’ If Matt’s experience has you interested in learning more, then jump over to our website to read about our membership options and get in touch with a member of our team.

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